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WP Nav Menu with Theme Location Support

Here’s a box for WP Nav Menus that also provides Theme Support for the menu.
This is required if you’re trying to use a menu plugin such as UberMenu.


Upload and Activate the box. Make sure you’re uploading the zip if you’re doing it via the admin panel
Create a VZM WP Nav Menu box in the Skin Editor and put it where you want the menu to display.
Update the Template
Go to Appearance > Menus and assign a menu to your newly created Theme Location.


Thesis Classic Full-Width

** Update **
This skin is no longer needed as of Thesis 2.0.1. You can now import full-width data into the Thesis Classic skin via the Manager, which you can download here (make sure you only upload the txt file to the manager)

Here’s a “quick and dirty” Full-Width version of the Classic Thesis skin for anyone looking for a full-width starting point.


Thesis 2 Copyright Box

My version of the copyright box that was discussed during Rick’s webinar.


Updated to 1.3
Added $arg support for Thesis 2.0.3

Updated to 1.2
Added URL support and the option to open the link in a new window
Remove the default property from the class as it’s inaccessible by the output function anyways

Updated to 1.1
Made some minor changes to how the options are displayed in the admin panel and fixed the domains for translate()

To activate it go to… Thesis > Boxes > Select Boxes > Upload Box

Once activated it will be available to you in the Skin Editor.


Thesis 1.x – IE8 – Remove IE7 Emulation

I’ve posted this solution numerous times on the forums before so it’s probably high time I post it here…

A lot of you may have run into (repeated) issues with IE8 where it doesn’t render Thesis sites properly.  9 times out of 10 that’s because Thesis is telling IE8 to render the site as if it’s IE7.  This causes a whole slew of issue from css clears not being effective to z-indexes not functioning properly etc. [click to continue…]


So I recently started playing around with WP Multisite to get ready for a project I’ll be doing down the road.  With Thesis 1.8.4 they’ve added better support for multisite, but there were a few things that were missing for my purposes. [click to continue…]


Thesis 1.x – WP Vertical Nav in Sidebar with Thesis

As of Thesis 1.8.5 this is no longer necessary as widget menus are treated like page widgets.

There’s been a couple people asking how to get a wp vertical nav in their sidebar.  This post covers how to get over the technical css issues, the prettyfication you can do on your own after the fact.

Step 1 – Setup your wp-nav

Step 2 – Add the nav to your sidebar using the Custom Menu widget

Step 2 – Style it so it works, code below.

[click to continue…]


Thesis 1.x – Full-Width Nav

I’m mainly posting this so I have somewhere to reference people rather than copying and pasting the code every time. Originally developed by Kristarella

The following adds a full-width nav below the header area: [click to continue…]


Thesis 1.x – Add custom author class to body

The following code adds a custom body class to all posts and author pages in the form of author-# where # is the ID of the author. [click to continue…]


So lots of people are having issues with Thesis in IE7 and IE8 where subnav items appear beneath the other rows of the nav if their nav spans multiple rows.  Well I finally came up with a solution. [click to continue…]


Caption Test

Caption Test

Caption Test 1234567890

This is where we put the words and they are flowing swimmingly etc.

Image Aligned Right

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